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Helping You Climb the Ladder of Success ...

Remember when you climbed your first ladder? Someone had to show you how to hold the ladder...and tell you to not look down? They also probably showed you that there is a right way to go up and down and a wrong way. Ever tried to go down a ladder the wrong way...facing away from the ladder? It's an expericence you'll never forget, especially if you are high off the ground.

Everybody can use a Life Coach whether it is in their personal life or business life. Someone to hold the ladder, someone to help place our foot and someone to show us how to find the next rung. Climbing the ladder of success is like climbing a ladder one rung at a time. The ladder of success in relationships, or on the job, goes much easier when there is a helpful coach with a trained eye.

The Life Coach provides that luxury in a personal, professional service tailored to meet your specific needs.

Life Coaching is for people that are are truly ready to create a successful life for themselves, their relationships and their businesses. A life coach is skilled in helping you to make radical improvements in your personal life as well as your public or corporate life. If things are pretty good, but you want them to be great....Coaching is for you! A Life Coach assists you with climbing the ladder of success one rung at a time. He holds the ladder, dispells fears and knows the dangers of missing an important rung. With a Life Coach the SKY IS THE LIMIT!

What Life Coaching IS and IS NOT!

Coaching is an activity that has been simmering in our culture for some time now. However, it is a fairly new concept used by someone who would like to change their situation in their personal life. Whether that be career-wise (start a new business or give their business a fresh new look) or to improve their professional/personal skills to make significant changes that will impact the future.

A Life Coach is NOT a therapist...IS more than a consultant...and not just a friend: Your Life Coach is your personal expert to help you realize your full potential!! Don't you deserve to have an expert committed to your success?

Life Coaching is a process that will:

  • Provide a way to help you identify and clarify what area of your life you want to change for the better
  • Help you explore the reality of your situation -- what is holding you back, making you unhappy or stopping you from achieving your goals?
  • Enable you to look at the different options you can open up for yourself.
  • Help you set goals you can achieve.
  • Motivate you to fulfill your dreams and move you forward to whatever you want to achieve in life.

    The Life Coach will:
  • Listen without judgement and accept you for who you are
  • Listen not just to your words, but also to what is behind them
  • Listen to what is the best in you, even if you can't hear that yourself.
  • Be focused entirely on you, your dreams, ambitions and what you value
  • Motivate and encourage you to make the changes you want
  • Be committed to you and what you want in life


The "Real Stuff"...Not Fluff

The "Real Stuff" is what each individual brings to coaching, information that is learned and appplied, life experiences and the interaction of the student with a coach. These four "elements" and their interaction over time is what bring about real, life changing, significiant and desired change. Life is filled with all kinds of surprises and situations. From time to time we all need a "fresh set of eyes" to look in and help us see the path through the jungle of life. A Coach is just that...a fresh set of eyes to help point out areas needing improvment to do life better. Sometimes just a few sessions with a Coach can make all the difference in getting a handle on life circumstances. The staff here at Just Coach Me does just that...we cut through the stuff of life to get you the basic tools to DO LIFE and we will coach you on how to use those tools. We will help you get a strategy to navigate through whatever chapter in life you find yourself. Whether it is a personal chapter of life dealing with rebellious teenagers, divorce, grief, bankruptcy, adoption, loneliness...the the life of your business whether it be an entreprenerual endeavor, for profit or non-profit or a church situation, let us assist you during this chapter of life. Together, with our coaching approach to doing family, life and business you will find that a "fresh set of eyes and ears" and a little direction along with some pointers will make the difference in just surviving and thriving in life. It is YOUR LIFE and we will help you get handles on charting your life through whatever chapter you are in. Yes, life is a series of chapters...there are good chapters and stressful chapters. You stand on the threshold of the next chapter which could be your FINEST chapter ever.

The Chemistry of Fire

Think of it this way, bringing together a student, a coach, life experiences and information that is learned and applied creates a fire of desire that leads to change and transformation. It is like bringing heat, oxygen and combustable material together creating fire that in turn creates greater heat (fire) and transforms the material.

The "Just Coach Me" Philosophy

Our philosophy and process is simple. The learning and changing process has three major components. 1. The materials to be learned: i.e. staff assessment and development, strategies for working through a divorce, strategic thinking in determining where to plant a new business or church. Each of these needs a unique set of tools that need to be understood and coaching on "How To" use the appropriate tools. An electrician uses a totally different set of tools than a mechanic or carpenter. Every situation is unique and a Life Coach makes the difference. 2. Accountablity is essential in the development of the coach - client relationship. Learning how to use new tools and becoming competent in being a spouse, employer, parent, a cancer or grief survivor... is not easy. Sometimes the coach has to become a gentle task master to teach the client how to accomplish tasks to enhance their life. 3. The third component is the person. To create change in any area of life a person must learn how to manage themselves effectively before they can help others or form a good team, family, marriage or work force.

"Food for Thought"

If a person will not (and it's a "will not," not a "cannot") manage themselves, then life itself becomes "unmanageable" and "out of control." There is no choice in this principle. It is a natural law. The Second Law of Thermo Dynamics, "The Law of Negative Entropy", says that things when left unattended will erode, decay and come apart. Thus, if you don't manage your relationships, business, finances...they will decay, erode and break apart. One must be intentional about "doing life" and doing it well.

The Coaches Role in Your Process of Change

Your coach's role in your process of change, improvement and enrichment is to be there as an outside objective observer, to give feedback, suggestions, motivation and provide accountability. It is YOUR LIFE and the coach wants you to succeed. While this sounds like a simple, and to some, an unnecessary role in the process of change, ask yourself these questions: Why do all the greatest athletes have great coaches? Their Coaches made a difference assisting them in the achievements of their lives. Why do many of the very best artists, actors and singers have the best coaches? Why is it when you read the biographies of great men and women, very often mentioned are the mentors, teachers and coaches in their lives?

What a Coach Can Give You, You Cannot

A great coach can give you something that few others can - insight into yourself. In other words, how you are "wired" and "gifted". What will it take for you to change and work toward your own best interests today and for the rest of your life? A coach can do that for you and the means in your personal life, your business life and in every other area of life. Yes, a Life Coach.

If You Have Ever Said to Yourself, "If Only..."

How would you like to get into a time machine to go back to your past with all you know now and do things differently? How would you grow up differently? Would your schooling be different? What about your choice for a life partner? What kind of partner would you be? Would you choose a different career or choose to do your career differently? If you had children, would you raise them differently?

These questions are NOT to create regret or guilt in you, but rather to assist you in seeing that there were more possibilities in life than you may have realized. Had you known what they were at the time and been open to them, your life would be very different. Many of us take ourselves to a place in life where we sigh, "If ONLY..." When really, what we are saying does not just pertain to doing things differently in the past, but rather, why we can not change NOW. This is when we get stuck.

Just because you do not know something does not mean you cannot learn it.

Just because you are scared is no excuse not to do it.

Just beacuse you have never done it before does not mean you should not do it now.

Just because you have failed at something in the past does not mean you will fail now.

A coach, like a very special trusted friend, understands the complexities of life and takes away the excuses by not accepting them. This gives you the opportunity to stop playing helpless and/or dumb. See yourself differently and go after your dreams. Start today...NOW! (O.K. If Not NOW, Then When?...)

Is the Time Now? Better Yet, is YOUR Time NOW?

What Time Do you Have Other Than Now?

If you are going to change, when is the best time to change? Obviously, NOW! Are you not getting what you want out of life? Your marriage? Your business or new business venture? Why would you continue to short yourself, settling for dissatisfaction, frustration, confusion and feeling overwhelmed, when you don't have to? It makes no sense! Up until now that's all you have known to do. Face it: You cannot do what you do not know. But now you know about coaching. There is something more you can do. Find out NOW about how one of our coaches at Just Coach Me can assist you in making a difference. the REAL difference, in your life. START TODAY!

Giving You the Tools and Training to DO Life

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