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"Coach Sam" is what we call him. Dr. Sam Douglass has been in the coaching business 30+ years. It all started when he poured his life into teenagers as a Youth Minister and High School Biology Teacher. It was in working with youth that he learned to coach them away from the edge when they were suicidal, suffered under the weight of depression and chemical dependence or lived in an abusive household. Over the years, his career has taken him to the university campuses all over the United States as a speaker, coach and mentor. He has coached young couples through the maze of premarital counseling, helped adults with "intra marriage" issues from adultry, porn addiction, bankruptcy, blended family issues, rebellious teenagers, grief, loneliness and learning how to fly solo in a cockpit built for two. He has helped couples and singles with divorce recovery, individuals facing terminal illness issues and empty nesters having adult chilren return home or having to raise their grandchildren. Walking through tough business decisions is a strength whether it be scandal, mutiny of employees, broken contracts or total ruin. He has seen it all from the firing of the CEO to the personal loss and ruin of the Enron debauchal. When it comes to Business Coaching at all levels, he shines. From the Owner, Board Room, CEO level ... to the custodian, part-time secretary or intern, Coach Sam can make the difference. As a Life Coach he speaks from experience having raised two families. His first wife of 28 years was killed in an auto accident leaving him with 3 in college and 1 in high school. He is now remarried and the father of two pre-school girls with his older children blessing him with 5 grandchildren. As a Business Coach, he has been the CEO of a large staff and overseen the growth of a non-profit from ground level to a thriving entity. He knows the art of hiring and firing as well as the pressures of being at the top. He is a gifted Coach when it comes to business coaching, staffing, conflict resolution, motivation, company loyality and accountability. Assessment, strategizing and implementation are his skill set coupled with the necessary communication skills to communicate one-on-one or to groups of 20,000 in Reunion Arena. Coach Sam is a seasoned and experienced leader who brings the maturity and insight into the business environment that is necessary to increase the bottom line. He has the entreprenueral vision developing eye as well as the tried and proven, time tested model perspective.

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