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You can get dizzy climbing the ladder of life! In doing "life" and trying to succeed in climbing the ladder it helps to have someone hold the ladder and be able to answer the BIG question, "How am I doing?"  A Coach can assist with helping you do life "one rung at a time". Keeping ones head screwed on right in a fast paced, ever changing, surprises at every corner, messed up world  can be quite a task.   It requires balance, firm footing, and an eye on the next rung.  If you are looking for fresh insight and assistance with the next rung, you have come to the right place.  An understanding Life Coach will be a tremendous asset with helping assess and tackle the issues of life.

Life is a series of chapters...there are good chapters and not-so-good chapters.  There are relationships to be maintained and events to be prepared for...both expected and unexpected.   There are goals to be achieved and disappointments to be dealt with along with obstacles to be overcome.   Having a Life Coach can be the difference in succeeding and failing in life.

Coach ME...So I Can Find a Mate

Most people have a "Things I Want In a Mate" list prior to finding "the right one". But if we are gut level honest, while we are hunting for a mate (for the hunter, it is always "open season") we many times ignore the fact that there are other hunters out there and we need to catch their eye...get our act together so we match THEIR list of criteria. A Life Coach can be the outsider who is brutally honest and can help get us into shape to be the best mate possible and make ourselves attractive to the otherside of a perfect match.

Coach ME...So I Can Get Back on My Feet

Set backs in life happen! Like "Rogue Waves" on the open ocean, we can be blindsided by death of a loved one, loss of job, failed marriage, broken relationships, addiction, unhealthy relationships, abuse, depression, loneliness, rejection, heartache or fear... Rogue waves come in different sizes and many times without warning. A Life Coach can be the helping hand to help stand up after being knocked down. Learning how get on with life after a major blow can make the difference in succeeding in life or getting mired and sucked down the tube of despair. A Life Coach knows the way out of the jungle and where the pitfalls, quicksand pits, lions, tigers and pythons are on the trail out, and can lead the way out to the light. There is life after a major set back...just knowing how to pick up the pieces is the key. A Life Coach can guide and help formulate a stratgey for personal success

Coach ME...So I Can Head in the Right Direction

Life is made up of choices. It has been said, "You can make your choices, but you can't guarantee the consequences". Sometimes we make good choices and other times not so good choices. Hindsight is always 20/20. What is needed is FORESIGHT and a strategy or plan for success for the future. Whether it be a fork in the road, a life decision, regrouping after being blindsided or a blurr from the fast lane of life with so many decisions, a Life Coach can serve as another set of eyes and ears and help sort out thought patterns. Much like a Drivers Ed teacher who can put their foot on the brake, grab the wheel and give instruction on reading warning signs while giving directions, so it is with a Life Coach who can help guide through various chapters in life and coach for success.

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