Coach Me and My FAMILY

Ward and June Cleaver are DEAD! Beaver is an old man. There is no such thing as a perfect family where everyone is always smiles while mom works around the house in her high heels and dress, and Dad is never without his coat and tie. There is no such thing as the All American family. Two out of three people have experienced the pain of divorce directly and pain and heartache of fractured relationships is on the upswing. The modern day phenomena of trying to "blend" families is a daunting task. A Life Coach can make the difference in having a successful family experience and failure.

Coach US....We Need a Referee

Whether it be a rebellious teenager or a family member out of control, an outside Life Coach can assist the entire family by teaching them boundaries and putting together a game plan. A game plan for success!! A Life Coach, if invited, can step into a situation...assess the issues...and as an outsider, help devise a strategy for a positive outcome. From anger management issues, addictions, unacceptable behavior or recovery...a Life Coach is a MUST! No, you don't really need a referee, you need a Life Coach who can work one-on-one, individually, or in a Family Round Table situation.

Coach US...We are a House Full of Strangers

Whether it be a "blended family" situation or family members crossways with each other, a good Life Coach can be a part of wholesome healing process where there can be forgiveness and a fresh start. Learn how to really be a FAMILY, loving and meeting each others needs and sharing the load. No longer strangers, but family.

Coach US...We are on Different Channels

Whether it be gender issues or generational gap issues, a Life Coach can assist with getting everyone on the same channel. Communication skills are learned and practiced. A Life Coach can demonstrate and assign tasks to build communication between family members. A teenager can be on channel 13 while a pre-teen is on channel 46 and Mom is on channel 7 and Dad is in the recliner "channel surfing". The Life Coach can assist with getting everyone on the same wave length and communication channel. The Life Coach is a seasoned veteran and will help put together a customized game plan for each family and family member.

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