Coach US....We Want More from Our Marriage

There is good, better and best when it comes to marriage. One must remember that "GOOD is the ENEMY of BEST". Why settle for less than the best. There is no such thing as a PERFECT Marriage. Marriage is WORK and a Coach can say things that a spouse can't say. For those who want more out of their relationship, a Life Coach can be a big help. There is a vast difference between ENDURING a relationship and ENJOYING a relationship.

Coach US...PRE -- INTRA -- POST

Coaching is for YOU and your SIGNIFICANT OTHER! Whether it be PRE-marital coaching, INTRA-marital (in the middle of marriage) coaching or POST - marital (after death or divorce) coaching. Life is like a bowl of spagetti and a Life Coach can help sort through the issues and help unravel life situations one noodle at a time.

Coach US...We Want the BEST INTIMACY!

Physically - SEXUALLY Emotionally - ROMANCE
His Needs/Her Needs Expectations Fulfillment Teachability/Experimentation Commitment Shared Responsibilities Planning for the Future Security - Now and Later!

Coach US...We Want to be the BEST TEAM!

When it comes to In-Laws (and Outlaws), children, friendships, business matters, financial security...a Husband/Wife need to be a TEAM! Most men have never had a course in Husbanding 101 or wives a course in Wifeing 101. Being a Husband/Wife team requires skills, practice, commitment,determination and a desire to be the BEST! As with any TEAM there needs to be a Coach...a Life Coach, who can bring out the BEST and not let a couple settle for being just good enough to get by. A Life Coach will help put together a Game Plan. Whether it be just for the sake of the marriage or the children/grandchildren or the outside world, be assured that onlookers will sit up and take notice of a Husband/Wife TEAM who are united by common goals and commitment. Why settle for two warm bodies under the same roof when there can be a GREAT TEAM in the house (a true HOME). When the pressures of life come, and they will, a TEAM with a unified front can take whatever comes if they have a strategy. All of us need a TEAM to be a part of...even the Lone Ranger had Tonto!

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