Coach Me and My Non-Profit

Running a Non-Profit is a different breed of cat when compared to the "For Profit" world. A Coach who understands the dynamics and subtleties of the "not for profit" world, can be a tremendous asset to any business model and business plan. Whether it is an international humanitarian NGO or an innercity ministry, non-profit entities are changing our world. The difference in making an impact and a HUGE impact can lie in having the proper coach and coaching in place to accomplish the vision and goals of the organization. A Coach can assess and train others in how to cast the vision of the non-profit.

Coach US....To Major on the Majors

What does it mean to "major on the majors and not get hung up on the minors"? Too many times it is easy to get distracted and lose focus on what the original intentions were in forming a non-profit. A Coach can help a non-profit get back on track and stay on track. A Coach can help hammer out and retool vision statements, mission statements and train in how to package the vision to reach the masses.

Coach US... To Vitalize Volunteers

Learning the lost art of empowering and vitalizing a volunteer can mean the difference in success and failure. A Coach can assist with developing strategies and procedures for working with volunteers. Coaching to maximize delegation opportunities and techniques while minimizing the impact of "dead weight" is essential in striving to make a non-profit a success. Learning how to hire, fire and reassign volunteers when there is no paycheck is an art that requires certain skills that can be coached, taught and learned.

Coach US ... To Tool and/or Re-tool

Equiping the Leadership, Board, Staff...for the next chapter in the life of an organization is an on-going, never ending task. A fresh, outside voice can help a non-profit go to the next level of productivity. Sometimes sacred cows make good sacred hamburgers.

Coach US... Prepaing for the Unknowns

In a fast paced, ever changing world, the non-profit can get lost in the maze of minutia. Whether it be a behind the scenes non-profit, charity or high visability non-profit, making one's voice heard above the crowd is a challenge. From applying for grants to branding of logos and websites, the word "non-profit" does not mean "non-competitive". A Coach can make the difference when comes to helping a non-profit make the difference.

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