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Letter of Recommendation For Mr. Sam Douglass with Just Coach Me

I have had the honor of working with Sam during the last half of 2010. I market credit/debit card processing services, check guarantee, and gift card programs to merchants. Sam was more than willing to assist me in formulating strategies to increase sales. He suggested several ideas that helped me to think outside-the-box and out of my comfort zone.

More importantly, he served as an accountability partner, which motivated me to keep striving in the difficult environment of sales. He was also a friend with whom I could share some personal struggles concerning home and family. I looked forward to our discussions because it generated enthusiasm and drive to keep moving forward.

Sam Douglass is both a business and a life coach. I strongly recommend Sam for your coaching needs, whether it be for your business or any personal struggles you may be facing. He has a unique ability to listen, suggest new ideas, and encourage others. Give Sam a call. You’ll be glad you did.


Don M. Esch
Regional Manager

Sam Douglass is a first-rate coach and mentor.

I’m a first-time entrepreneur who went looking for a coach to walk me through my first year in business for myself. Having received twelve months of coaching with Sam, I can confidently recommend his work in holding you accountable to the goals you set for yourself, “interrogating your reality” when the opportunity is there, and being the first person to cheer you before the race, during the race, and at the finish line.

Coaching with Sam was a holistic experience—life and work intertwined. Whether in business or life, we celebrated victories, tackled challenges head on, scratched our collective heads at setbacks, and continually looked for solutions going forward. My business is growing and set up for ongoing success. It’s growing in the context of a healthy spiritual, mental, and emotional perspective.

I highly recommend Sam’s work for your own business and personal development.

--Trey Finley
Leadership Coach
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